Hiring an SEO expert in Delhi to optimize your Amazon product listings can pay off very well and deliver great results. In fact, listing optimization is crucial if you want your product to rank near the top for users searching with related keywords. This calls for years of professional experience and skill, which is why you can’t just handle it yourself. This article will inform you about some of the things you should know before you hire Amazon product listing services.

Hiring a digital marketing company is the best choice

You have several options when looking for Amazon listing professionals. You may recruit an in-house expert, hire a freelancer, or work with a digital marketing company. The last one is your best choice, provided that the company is well-established and offers reliable services. 

This is because the top digital marketing agencies have sizable teams with adequate manpower. Upon hiring them, you’ll have a dedicated team working on your Amazon listings. 

Product listing optimization is more complex than it seems

At the first glance, product listing optimization appears relatively simple if you aren’t familiar with it. However, there are various hidden details to remember while optimizing an Amazon web page. You have to find out the right keywords and the most common search phrases. 

You also need to integrate the listing with infographics and come up with detailed and keyword-optimized product descriptions. In case you were wondering if you can really need to hire an SEO expert in Delhi you should remember that Amazon product listing isn’t as simple as it sounds. 

A listing’s conversion rate affects its ranking

Amazon’s algorithm also evaluates the conversion rate of every listing when ranking them on the search results page. The higher the ratio of sales per page visit, the more likely a product is to secure a higher rank. This is why you should be careful when driving traffic to your product page from other websites. 

Users visiting the page without an intent to purchase can negatively affect the listing’s Amazon SEO score. A good way to prevent this is to filter your visitors using a landing page – only those interested in buying would click on the product link.

You need optimized listings even if you run Amazon PPC ads

You should keep in mind that Amazon listing optimization is an absolute necessity, even if you already have PPC advertising going on. Sponsored ads are a waste of money unless the listings are properly optimized. 

This is because the ads remain distributed throughout the search results page and some of them remain unseen by shoppers. A well-optimized sponsored ad, however, will end up at the top of the page


If you are an eCommerce retailer, it’s advisable to hire Amazon product listing services from a very reputed company. The top digital marketing agencies offer it in conjunction with other related services that you may choose to hire too. The portfolio and clientele of a company should show you how reliable they are.